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Webraska powers 'Orange find nearest' 2 way SMS location based service

London, 24 May 2004 - May 24, 2004

Orange, the UK's most popular mobile phone service, is pleased to announce that its customers can now use SMS messages to locate businesses or services, with the launch of the Orange "Find Nearest" service, powered by Webraska Mobile Technologies.

Webraska, the pioneering provider of GPS wireless navigation applications and location-based services (LBS) solutions, has developed the 2 WAY SMS service to provide Orange customers with an easy-to-use text-based interface to the Orange "Find Nearest" Service. This complements the existing WAP "Find Nearest" service, launched last year.

Accessing the service is simple; Orange subscribers just need to send a one-word request via SMS to the Orange short code 300 i.e. 'PUB'. Each search is priced at 20p.

"Although much of the hype surrounding the wireless data services has focused on WAP and Java applications, the potential of premium SMS-based services has often been under-estimated" said Jonathan Klinger, VP Marketing at Webraska. "SMS-services are great for three main reasons: they're easy-to-use, the total available market is huge and people will pay for them". Darren Coleman, product manager data products, Orange UK commented "We're pleased to be working with Webraska to deliver our Find Nearest service. Webraska's flexibility and technological superiority has been core to the success of this project."

Powered by Webraska's SmartZone Geospatial Platform the Orange Find Nearest service works by mapping a mobile phone's location by cell ID technology. Webraska's software then cross-references this location against a comprehensive database of businesses and services. The Find Nearest service returns the closest match to the search criteria entered.

Orange customers can also text 'N' for the next nearest search result, or text 'L' to receive a longer list of results. For each search, the service returns the businesses name, address and telephone number. Customers can also get directions for the cost of an additional search.

The Orange "Find Nearest" service also offers the subscribers the ability to locate themselves if lost! Upon texting 'ME' to 300, the service texts back the user's location.

About Orange

Orange, wirefree and any other Orange product or service referred to in this release are trademarks of Orange. Orange UK provides high quality coverage to 99% of the UK population, and offers roaming to pay monthly customers on 288 networks in 128 countries and to pay as you go customers on 71 networks in 41 countries. As at January 2004, Orange UK had over 13.8 million active customers, more than any other UK network, making it the UK's number one. In October 2003, Orange UK won the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards - voted for by readers of Mobile Choice magazine - for Best Network Operator for the third year running, and for Best High Street Retailer. The sixth annual J.D. Power and Associates UK Mobile Customer Satisfaction Study published in June 2003 showed that Orange ranks as the number one telephone service for customer satisfaction in the contract sector in the UK. J.D. Power and Associates 2002-2003 United Kingdom Mobile Customer Satisfaction Study based on a total 2,111 consumer responses. Orange was ranked number one in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, when the contract and prepay sectors were combined, and was ranked first in the contract sector in 2002 and 2003. Information about Orange can be found on the Orange website at www.orange.co.uk and media information can be found at www.orange.com

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About Webraska

Webraska provides the advanced software solutions required to develop, integrate and deploy location-based and telematics services. Webraska's carrier-grade offering includes the SmartZone™ Geospatial Platform, the SmartZone™ CallCenter, award-winning SmartZone™ Navigation Suite and the SmartZone™ Wireless Application Suite including CityGuide, BuddyFinder, RoutePlanner and MapViewer.

Webraska has its worldwide headquarters in Paris, France, and offices in North America and around the world. The company currently powers the LBS and telematics offering of service providers in four continents, including Bell Mobility, E-Plus, Sensis (Australia), Telecom Italia Mobile, O2, Vodafone Live! and Orange, and has partnerships with leading technology and content providers including Ericsson, HP, IBM, NavTech, Nortel, Openwav, Siemens and SAIC-Telcordia.

Webraska has long been recognized as a leading player in the location-based services and telematics worlds, winning awards from Unstrung Magazine, TIME, Business Week, Tornado Insider and Frost & Sullivan.

For more information visit: www.webraska.com

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