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Initially available for devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile for PocketPC, Webraska Navigation 7 offers a fully re-designed graphical user interface (GUI) and a bunch of new features:

Re-designed GUI
Webraska Navigation 7 provides a completely re-designed graphical user interface (GUI) : all menus have been renewed to feature even more attractive and intuitive 3D icons.

Main Screen New

3D View
Webraska Navigation 7 offers a bird’s eye view of the itinerary map providing the driver with the most realistic representation of the route ahead.

3D New

Map Around
The map around function enables to display a vector map around any address or the active GPS position that can be zoomed and panned. The Map around mode proves particularly useful to find one’s way on foot from the parking location to the final destination.

Interface with Directory Assistance services
Webraska Navigation 7 offers a direct interface with directory assistance, IVR and call centre services to facilitate address search and entry: users can vocally request an address look-up, thus benefiting from million records in residential and business listings managed by the service operators; once found, the address is sent by SMS to the mobile device that automatically launches guidance towards the destination.

Enriched Points of Interest search capabilities(POI)
The Point of Interest (POI) management system has been re-engineered to enable for :

  • Integration of massive content-rich POI data bases beyond standard NAVTEQ data
  • Implementation of multi-criteria search capabilities
  • Access right management and premium access management.

Branded content such as business listings and ratings from city guides, restaurants guides and other buyers guides can now be integrated; users can for instance search for a restaurant according to multiple criteria such as opening hours, type of cuisine and rating granted by their favourite guide.

POI data is updated in real time so that information is always accurate.
As for previous Webraska Navigation versions, Webraska Navigation 7 offers a POI option menu that allows:

  • displaying POIs icons on maps;
  • bookmarking the user’s favourite POI addresses;
  • initiating a phone call to the POI.

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